About Us


   "When I was seventeen I watched a bungee cord go through my dad's hand."  These are the first words spoke by TorkStrap president, Grant Martin, during his early 2021 KickStarter.  Before the successful crowd funding campaign, before prototyping, even before pen hit paper, a goal was realized that we needed to put a safer, faster, and simplistic solution into as many hands as possible and do it at a fair price.


   Like almost all retail cargo straps, yes, the webbing is sourced from China.  Unlike all retail cargo straps, final assembly is done here in our Santa Clarita, CA facility where we implement American steel from Chicago Illinois, preform final assembly, and run every inch of the strap through the hands of a trained quality inspector. Safety and the American work force are our number 1 priority.



   In a nutshell, TorkStrap isn't a company, but a family. Our members wear many hats and our network of logistics partners, buyers, e-commerce stores, and retailers have been vetted to share the same family mentality. TorkStrap doesn't work for stock holders, we work for customers.