TorkStrap Model 500 (2-Pack)

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*The M500(Red) Models Contain an 85LBS Power-Band (spring).  The Platinum Models Contain a 120LBS Power-Band.

The difference between TorkStrap cargo strap tie downs including the strap load rating and the power band spring tension strap.

A demonstration of the cargo strap spring tension which offers dynamic tension when the load shifts or sinks.

3. Load adaptive technology.  Image demonstrating the cargo straps ease of use, push release, US patented technology, dynamic spring tension, load shifting adaptable tension and the tie-down versatility

4. Demonstration of the Torkstrap tie down use. Grip the strap and feel the extra thick webbing, pull the strap for an action that is eight times faster than ratchet straps and how easy it is to keep cargo tight with load adaptive technology.

Introducing TorkStrap M500 2-Pack - the perfect solution to cargo security and safety! This innovative strap combines the best features of a ratchet, bungee, and lashing strap in one, making it the ultimate cargo transport solution. Here are the top features of TorkStrap:

  • Medium Duty: With a safe working load of 500lbs and a maximum breaking strength of 1500lbs, TorkStrap is perfect for a wide range of applications, from sportsmen to construction workers.

  • 1" Width

  • 10ft. Length: The 10ft. length makes TorkStrap versatile and ideal for securing various types of cargo.
  • No Clunky Mechanisms: Say goodbye to complicated, heavy ratchet mechanisms and hello to TorkStrap's simple and easy-to-use pull design.

  • Always Fits, Never Slips: With our proprietary power band technology, TorkStrap offers unparalleled strength and security, ensuring that your load stays in place throughout the journey.

  • Safe and Reliable: Unlike bungee cords and ratchet straps, TorkStrap is the safest and most reliable solution for cargo transport, thanks to our commitment to exceptional customer service and fair pricing.

Ratchet straps are notorious for their static tension, which means that they rely on a fixed amount of force to hold your cargo in place. If your load shifts or sinks during transport, the straps can come loose and fail to hold the cargo securely. This can be especially dangerous if you're transporting heavy or bulky items that could cause damage or injury if they fall.

TorkStrap is not only the safest and most reliable solution for cargo transport, but it's also incredibly easy to use. Many of our customers can't believe how well it works and how much simpler it is than other cargo straps. Unlike heavy and complicated ratchet mechanisms, TorkStrap's pull design is simple and easy-to-use, making it the perfect solution for anyone who wants to secure their cargo with minimal effort. With TorkStrap's proprietary power band technology providing dynamic tension, you can drive with peace of mind, knowing that your load is secure, and that the strap won't come loose even if your cargo shifts or sinks during transport. Whether you're a sportsman, construction worker, or anyone in between, TorkStrap simplifies it all and provides the ultimate cargo transport solution.