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Here TorkStrap will show you how to add free anchor points to your truck bed, anywhere, with ease!

Hack! Unlimited Anchor Points In Your Truck Bed!

Trucks are evolving rapidly, but finding affordable anchor points for pickup truck beds can be challenging. However, that's about to change. Whether you're hauling camping gear, paint buckets, kayaks, or coolers, there's now a solution to securely anchor and strap almost anything anywhere in your truck bed!


Just purchase a chain. For this tutorial we purchased 6 feet of 3/8" chain with a 2,650LB working load.


Then purchase two quick links. Here you see that we picked up two at our local Home Depot for under $10 total. 3/8", 2,200LB working load.


Simply hooking from one stock anchor point to another creates additional anchor points along the front, side, or back of your truck! This process can be repeated based on the number of anchor point locations your truck comes with. Just remember to consider the load ratings of the anchors and the weight you're connecting to the chain.



Strap anywhere! Total project cost: $35

Load considerations are crucial. In this tutorial, we utilized a 2022 Silverado equipped with 12 anchor points: three in each corner, each rated at a 500-pound safe working load. When connecting a chain to two anchor points, due to force vectoring (the magnitude and direction of the load), the total safe working load on the chain will be 750 pounds rather than 1000 pounds. Always refer to manufacturer specifications for any anchor point or cargo device and ensure ample headroom for your cargo load limitations.

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